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Learn better business innovation

Sellingnet - the publisher of the INNOmaps - is a Dutch training and performance improvement company and we help organisations improve and sustain better business results. We make it easy for anybody to understand customers, design better value propositions, and find the right business model. What is unique about Sellingnet is how we create truly customized training solutions that change behavior and provide measurable results. Give your team hands-on experience applying the INNOmaps. The workshops are based on our innovative methods, theories and (of cause) the INNOmaps.

Proven structure

We’ve developed a huge library of proven content, exercises, and materials to most effectively develop your team’s skills. You’ll start by learning the concepts and tools, then immediately apply them through practical exercises. This hands-on experience under expert supervision is the fastest and most effective way to get your team started with your selected INNOmaps.

Certified trainers

Each workshop (in English, German or Dutch) is delivered by a certified trainer. We’ll pair you with a trainer based on geography, schedule, and your specific industry. Deeply experienced in applying the INNOmaps and a proven track record for delivering superior hands-on workshops, our trainers will be able to help you to innovate your business model, design a strategy for the future and avoid common pitfalls.

Customized for you

Whether you are trying to expand an existing business, develop a new growth engine, or simply upskill your team, we’ve got a workshop structure designed to fit your needs. And we learn you and your team think visual! Visual thinking is a great technique because it can help you to make your thinking better, to see more options and see the interdependencies among all components.

Contact us for more info: + 31 (0)74 711 02 62 or info@sellingnet.nl