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We live in a time where little is predictable. Many companies navigate in a marketplace where new competitors appear overnight or claim something new unexpectedly. Customers have rising demands and new understanding of speed, brand relationship, customization and price perception. And business plans rarely last a full year. Companies are looking for new revenue streams, new ways to add value for their customers and new business models. To achieve this, we need new skills, new tools and a new mindset. In today’s world we need to think like designers and use visual tools for strategy, business innovation and business development. These tools can be used to make complex issues simple and understandable, to create future scenarios and look ahead. To generate different options and develop new ideas. Visual tools are easy to understand by everyone. They help you unlock the potential within your company and team and collect all feasible ideas. 

The tools on this website - our 'INNOmaps' - can help you on how to invent, adopt or adapt ideas that can deliver better business results. They are quick to use - project it on a Smartboard or work together in the cloud - simple to apply, and designed to help even busy people! They are grounded in existing theories and practices of strategy, business innovation and business development. Creating better business results is sometimes written as an almost magical process. It is true that better business results are often rarely simple or predictable, but looking closely at what mostly happens, it is also true that the overall process is structured and systematic. Our INNOmaps can help you with this process.

LET'S collaboratE

All INNOmaps are created in Google Drawings. It allows multiple users to open and edit the INNOmaps simultaneously and changes are reflected instantly to everyone. Google Drawings is hosted within Google Drive and files created with Google Drawings are by default saved in Google Drive. 

For visual thinkers

Working with the INNOmaps is communicating in a visual language. It combines words and visual items and helps with having a better understanding of complex themes. Organize your thoughts visually with over 80+ different INNOmaps. Express yourself and your team with text, images, links and smart elements.

Discover and use

The INNOmaps are visual templates that serve as a framework for understanding, exploring and decision-making. We will continue adding new and improved INNOmaps for you to use. Say goodbye to thick reports your team or clients don't reward and say hello to our multi-functional INNOmaps.