Google Drawings is a web app for making diagrams and illustrations online. All INNOmaps are created in Google Drawings. It allows multiple users to open and edit an INNOmap simultaneously and changes are reflected instantly to everyone. Google Drawings is hosted within Google Drive and files created with Google Drawings are by default saved in Google Drive. Organize your thoughts visually with over 60+ different INNOmaps. Express yourselves with text, images, links and smart elements.

1. Getting started with Google Drawings
You can install Google Drawings from the Chrome app store, as well as use this web app by going to using any browser. To access this app via Google Drive, click New and select Google Drawings.
Google Drawings
2. Add shapes, arrows, callouts & equations
The shape tool in Google Drawings can help you create illustrations by adding shapes, arrows, callouts and equations. For example, you can use the flowchart symbols to create a custom flowchart. Similarly, you can add a combination of different objects, resize and recolor them to make your drawings.
Add shapes to your drawings
3. Add lines & connectors
You can also add various types of lines using the line tool. This option provides tools for making straight lines, arrows, elbow connectors, curved connectors, curves, polylines and scribbles. Added objects can also be brought forward or backward via right-click context menu. This can help you create your drawing in layers.
Add Lines and connectors
4. Upload images 
You can insert an image to your INNOmap by uploading one from your hard drive, by taking a snapshot, using a website URL or you can fetch images via your albums, Google Drive account or by performing an online search using keywords.
Upload images to Google Drawings
5. Add text boxes
As you would expect, Google Drawings comes with all basic formatting options that you are likely to find in Office based apps. This includes text boxes, tables, alignment tools, zoom, spell checker, etc.
Add text to drawings
6. Collaborate online
You can work on your INNOmaps with multiple users by sharing them online. Users can also add comments to give feedback and suggestions. Once a comment is added, a timestamp appears, showing the time when the comment was added. Comments can be treated like tickets, where you can click ‘Resolve’ after fixing an issue which might have been identified and added as a comment.
Add comments to drawings
7. Share INNOmaps online 
The sharing options are the same as they are for other Google Drive apps. You can selectively share your INNOmap and configure editing preferences by inviting people via email.
Share drawings online
8. Save INNOmaps offline
You can also save your INNOmap offline to insert them in manuals or whatever purpose you might have created them for. The INNOmaps can be downloaded as PDF files, SVG vector graphics, as well as in commonly used image formats like JPG and PNG.
Download drawings offline
If you’ve ever used Microsoft Paint or even any Office app, using Google Drawings will be a breeze. Google Drawings is incredibly intuitive, so most people can understand it without prior introduction to the app via tutorial or help desk. Google Drawings and INNOmaps is a perfect combination; it allows multiple users to open and edit an INNOmap simultaneously and changes are reflected instantly to everyone.